Anna-Marie Goddard

Images of model Anna-Marie Goddard. Anna traveled the globe for assignments and had a very successful career as a fashion model during the nineties. She grew up in Holland and started modeling at the age of 18 in Belgium. From there she traveled to- and modeled in Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Australia, Greece and the USA.

Anna Goddard Greek AllureAnna Goddard for a fashion spread in a Greek Magazine

Anna Goddard Viva Mexico Magazine 2

Untitled  Anna Goddard Norwegian MagAnna Goddard for a Norwegian Magazine 1992

Anna-Marie-Goddard-Beauty-Secret-1Anna Goddard for Elle Australia

Anna-Marie-Goddard-CinemaAnna Goddard for CINEMA clothing in Greece

Anna-Marie-Godard-Miami-NiceAnna-Marie Goddard posing for a Greek magazine in Miami in 1991